Who is an Educational Consultant?

An  Educational  Consultant  is  a  trained  professional  who  possesses  comprehensive knowledge  about  educational  placement  options.  An  Educational Consultant  strives  to  find the "best fit", academic and social/emotional environment for your children.

Why should I use an Educational Consultant?

In  our  society,  limitless  information  on  every  conceivable  topic  is  available  literally  at  our fingertips.  Add  in  the  well-intentioned  advice  and  opinions  from  family  and  friends,  and  this information  can  be  overwhelming.  Most  of  the  time,  unfortunately,  conflicting  information  can confuse us. 

Different  children  have  different  needs.  Furthermore,  all  schools/programs  are  not  created  equal.  Educational  Consultants  can  help  you  sort  out  the  often  confusing  and  conflicting  information to help parents avoid inappropriate, punitive, or incompetent programs.

An  Educational  Consultant,  such  as  INTROUNI,  can  help  you  pick  the  “right”  choice  for  the  student after a proper assessment.

There are so many other similar educational agencies, why would I go to INTROUNI?

First  of  all,  INTROUNI  is  a  well-established  educational  consultancy,  which  is  in  its  14th year of successful operation.  and  universities those  who  have  proven track  record  of  providing  quality  education for  years.  Thirdly,  INTROUNI  visits  most  of  the  partner  institutions  in  Australia,  Canada,  USA,  UK,  Malaysia,  Singapore  regularly  to  gain  up-to-date  knowledge  about  the  development  and  changes. We want to counsel our students in the best way possible. Secondly, INTROUNI represents only reputed schools, colleges 

Finally, INTROUNI believes in offering professional and honest  services to  students  since our aim is to see the smile on your faces. Smile that you will bring for your family too and why not – you are on your way to fulfilling your dream, their dream.

What makes INTROUNI different than others?

We should not compare us with others in the industry rather we want to continue working for the success of you, your family and also, for ourselves.

We do not want to make false promises, we do not want to guarantee anything. However,  we do guarantee that we will put in our best effort to help you reach your goals.

Please visit us and experience the difference! Perhaps you can tell us how we are different than others!

How much do I have to pay after getting visa?

We will tell you exactly what fees you need to pay and when you have to pay. You will register with INTROUNI only after you are fully  aware and satisfied with INTROUNI’s terms and conditions.

Please remember, there are no hidden fees or charges at INTROUNI..

I cannot visit INTROUNI before 5pm, how can I meet a INTROUNI counsellor?

Not a problem! We are open 6 days a week. However, we are happy to work on Friday if you can  come only on Fridays. Just make an appointment beforehand and please, show up.

You can also make an after-hour appointment for any weekdays if you want to visit us after our  normal business hours.

I am a school student now. Can I study in any countries that INTROUNI represents?

It depends on which school year you are studying now and which school year you want to study in a foreign country. Different countries have different rules in this regard.

Please contact us to know specific country-related information.

Shall I bring my parents/guardians when I visit INTROUNI for discussing my “study abroad” options?

Yes please. We strongly recommend our students to bring their parents or guardians. It saves time in terms of making the right decision while a 3-party (you, your parents/guardians and INTROUNI) meeting ensures we all know what we are doing and most importantly, doing in the right way.

I heard English-medium students get priority for admission and visa, is this correct?

No. Neither educational institutions nor visa offices give any priority to English-medium students. Bangla-medium students get equal assessment as others.

Will INTROUNI arrange sponsorship for my visa?

No, this is impossible for INTROUNI to do so. We are an educational consulting agency and our responsibilities are to help you find the best institution, assist you with application and admission, assist you with your visa application and enrolment if you are successful in getting student visa, provide you with other services as finding accommodation, briefing you about pre-departure matters etc.

We, as educational advisor, should not offer any kinds of sponsorship to students. We don't!.

When should I apply for admission?

We recommend students to apply as soon as they are ready to apply. Many universities have application deadline which, in most cases, is mostly 3 months prior to semester start date. However, seats in the good universities fill up quickly. Therefore, we strongly suggest our students to apply as early as possible.

Please remember that some of our partner institutions may accept applications from us beyond published deadline. However, it is not recommended to wait until then.

Don’t put-off until tomorrow what you can do today! Right?.

When shall I apply for student visa?

Again, we strongly suggest you to apply as early as possible to avoid inconvenience. Most of the visa offices have certain deadline and timeline about accepting student visa application.

We will sit with you and find out the best timeline for you to avoid any inconvenience

Do I have to bring certified/attested documents for my application for admission?

We are the certifying authority for most of our partner institutions. We need to see your originals to certify documents in most cases.

We will advise you when you need to get your documents certified/attested by Notary Public and/or other certifying authorities such as your school/college/university.

Does INTROUNI keep my passport or original certificate/mark sheet?

NO! We do not need to keep your passport or original certificate/mark sheet copies in our office. You may need to bring the original copies for certification purpose only. We will return them to you on the same day after certifying them.

I have more questions, what can I do?

Sure you have. “Studying Abroad” is a major decision you are going make in your life and you should have numerous questions in your mind.

It is not possible for us to discuss all issues here, unfortunately. However, we are happy to take your questions and answer as correctly as possible.

We might take time to answer your questions but we will never give you wrong answers.

It is better to take time to make the best possible decision than to make a wrong decision in Haste!.

Will I get refund if my visa is refused

If your visa is refused and you have paid a deposit to your institution for tuition fees then you will receive a refund of the deposit when you send the institution a copy of your visa refusal letter from the High Commission. A few institutions deduct a small amount usually no more than £ 100 for processing the refund payment.

Is only TOEFL applicable for USA, can a student also take IELTS?

Yes , a student can take IELTS instead of TOEFL. As 2500 universities have started accepting IELTS. these universities being the top ones.

Can I work while studying?

Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week on- campus during the term and full-time during the vacation period.