The ever changing and emerging technology and a fast globalization has created a huge higher education opportunities for students in countries across the globe. More and more students in emerging nations are looking outside their home country for quality education that gives them a life-changing career advantage. This continual growth within international education provides great career opportunities. As a result, the student mobility rate has increased rapidly. While searching information for higher education, they often suffer from indecision that results in confusion and lack of clarity and information. Consequently, the students who do not think and look deeply often end up in courses, institutions or countries that may not best suit the student’s aspirations. Keeping these facts in mind we, ‘INTROUNI’-an experienced and innovative education consulting organization, are working closely with students and international universities maximizing communication opportunities. We believe that education is a soft power, so we are providing a complete solution to all overseas education related queries and information. `INTROUNI’ also assists schools, colleges and university student to choose the right foreign institution, based on their goals, interests, abilities and learning styles and enable those institutions to reach and connect the students and help them to stay on track to achieve their goals.

We work as a platform to introduce the overseas institutions to the students and using our expertise and vast experience we identify the most suitable university for each student according to their needs.


We are committed to our stake holder-centric philosophy. Our mission is to help our clients to reach their aspiration by providing world-class service that is both reliable and competitively exceptional. Our specialties-

→    Do not charge any service or consultancy fee.
→    Always act responsibly, honestly and ethically in everything we do.
→    Have a considerable experience in overseas higher education.
→    A rich understanding of what student’s desire when seeking higher education opportunities abroad.
→    We train our counselors and staffs to ensure that prospective stakeholders (students, parents, family and friends) receive up to date and accurate information.
→    Our credibility always lies in excellent working relationships and partnerships with various international higher education institutions.
→    Regularly organizes university visits for spot admissions and counseling sessions with prospective students.